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Hunnya is very much inspired by the Japanese demon Hannya. We all have demons inside we’re fighting but don’t necessarily talk about it. I made her the complete opposite of how a Hannya looks, representing how we will one day learn how to overcome and accept the demon in us. We can’t always control the situation but we can always control how we react to it. 

Base doll : Blythe Asha Alvira
- Light pastel make up & Caramelaw's trademark candy face paint Candievera style.

- Her horns are attached to her forehead, it is not removable. 

- She's wears a Blythe Simply Guava scalp.
- She comes with a hand-made outfit with a matching sling bag accessory. 
- Socks and boots included. 


- During the process of taking apart for customizing, her back plate was damaged due to the insane amount of glue the factory used. It had to be ripped apart the plastic and was damaged in the process. In the event I had to replace her backplate with a factory backplate which does not close properly, leaving a gap between her front and back plates (refer to photo). It is secured with screws so it won't fall apart. Do not buy if you cannot accept the flaw. 


(PLEASE READ) Few things to take note of before purchasing:

- This is a hand made collectible item, NOT A TOY. Its fragile and consist of small parts. THEREFORE, IT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN. I will not be responsible if doll is damaged after being in the hands of a child during child's play. I cannot stress this enough. 

- It's pretty, cute and very attractive to doll lovers from of all ages. BUT it is meant for adult collectors who knows how to handle delicate, handmade dolls. 
- It is OOAK, I will not repeat my designs again in future projects.
- She is made lovingly by me. She's not perfect, there are bound to be flaws.
- Payment by PAYPAL ONLY.
- I will only send the doll by DHL express and item will be fully insured, therefore item will be declared at full value.
- Buyer will be responsible for any additional taxes/GST incurred upon arrival of the parcel at customs.


Please contact me for if you have any questions at

Caramelpops Custom Art Blythe Doll - Candievera Hunnya

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