Doll commisions

Thank you for your interest in my work and the Caramelaw Candy Land magic that I wield. I am very happy that you wish to adopt a custom doll made by me. In order to help things go smoothly and to avoid misunderstandings, I have some terms that I urge you to read through carefully before you make a decision.

But first, before we jump into the details, let me highlight some important aspects of my custom dolls. If you still wish to proceed, please read the following terms carefully. If you have questions regarding the terms below, you can contact me at the contact details set out in [Section 13] below.

(1.1) My Custom Service

Each Caramelaw custom doll begins life as a stock doll. I only use genuine Takara Neo Blythe dolls that are RBL/RBL+ and non-translucent. What stock doll I use is subjected to what I have in my inventory. My custom service generally includes the doll, an outfit, various accessories and a decorated doll stand. Unless stated otherwise, the doll will come with the items pictured in the final photograph(s).

(1.2) Experimental Dolls

I do make experimental dolls from time to time using Fake/TBL Blythes. Experimental dolls are dolls I intend to keep for myself for a period of time but I may decide to sell them at a later stage and they will be listed in my shop. Do note that experimental dolls are not perfect and tend to have flaws, if you do intend to adopt one when one becomes available, please read the listing carefully.

(2) Work-In-Progress

Work-in-progress updates are provided only as and when I have such updates. These updates will generally be posted on my Instagram profile and/or Facebook page. This is so for all cases. In some cases, I understand it is a major commitment for you and you are anxious to see how the doll is progressing. Whenever I create a custom doll, I always put in my very best efforts into creating her. But please also understand that I work best when I am left on my own, and given space and time to focus on working up my Caramelaw Candy Land magic. As with many things, constant interruptions can make the magic go wrong.

(3) Time to Completion

Currently, I generally take around 4 to 8 weeks to complete a custom doll. The time may vary because completion of the doll also depends on other factors, some of which are outside my control. Such factors include the delivery of the doll’s outfits and accessories, etc.

(4) Reservations

If you see something you like on my social media posts, even if the doll is work-in-progress, you can make a reservation. To hold your reservation, I will require a down payment of 30% of the price of the doll. This down payment is part of the price of the doll. It will not be refunded to you if you cancel your reservation or if the above-stated reservation period expires. I will hold the reservation for a period of 2 weeks from when the custom doll is completed. Reservations are only for the bigger dolls. (Blythes and Pullips) I would prefer smaller items such as accessories and smaller dolls/toys to be listed in the shop. 

(5.1) Commissions

My commission list is currently closed. If I have a commission slot open, it will be announced on my Instagram profile and/or Facebook page. If I accept a commission, it will be subject to my general terms as well as the following terms in this section.

(5.1) Base Doll

As mentioned, I only use genuine Takara Neo Blythe dolls that are RBL/RBL+ and non-translucent. I do not change the doll’s body and will only use the Takara Neo Blythe body. The doll I use as the base will be subject to my inventory. Please understand that I do not accept dolls that are sent to me for customisation at this present time. If you wish for a specific doll to be used as the base, you are welcome to make a request, but this is subject to what I have in my inventory. I will only use that specified doll if I have that doll in my inventory.

(5.2) Non-Refundable Deposit

I require a 30% non-refundable deposit.  This deposit will not be refunded should you decide to not go ahead with the commission.

(5.3) Alterations for Commissions

After we have discussed the brief, the theme or concept, the colour(s) and hair for the doll, I will provide you with a design sketch of the doll’s face. If you wish to discuss changes, please do so at this point. Once the design has been finalised and I have started work on the doll, I will not make any further alterations. I may agree to make minor alterations to the outfit or the accessories, but not to the doll itself.

Due to the nature of my custom work, once work on the doll has started, it becomes very difficult to make alterations. Please understand that even though I am adept at my Caramelaw Candy Land magic, reading minds is not part of my magic. So it would be really helpful if you decide clearly on what you want before I proceed to work on the doll.

(5.4) Cancellations for Commissions

If you no longer wish to proceed with the commission, you may cancel at any time before I ship the doll. If you wish to cancel, please let me know as soon as possible. In this case, I will refund you any payments that have been made, except the 30% non-refundable deposit stated above in point (5.2).

(5.5) Themes

Many people have asked me if I repeat my themes. The answer is I usually don’t especially if the desired theme was made for someone else not too long ago. However, I will consider re-making themes that I did more than 5 years ago OR if your desired theme can be combined with something else. Please direct email me should you have any inquiries.

(6) Doll Trades

I am open to a doll trade with other customisers or if there is a particular doll I am looking for. If you wish to cancel the doll trade, please let me know. You can cancel the doll trade at any time before I ship the doll. There will be no hard feelings.

In a doll trade, I generally post work-in-progress updates as and when I have them: see Section [2] above. When I have completed the doll, I will contact you to finalise the trade and other necessary details. If you do not respond to me for over a period of [2 months], I will consider the doll trade to be cancelled and I will put the doll up for sale. Please understand that I cannot hold the doll for you indefinitely. If you cannot or do not wish to proceed with the doll trade, please contact me. As mentioned, there will be no hard feelings.

(7) Re-Customising & Alterations

I do not re-customise or make alterations to my old custom dolls. For commissions, I will not make alterations once the design has been finalised and I have started work on the doll: see Section [6] above.

(8) Payment

All my prices are in US dollars (USD) at the prevailing foreign exchange rate. All payments and refunds will be made through PayPal only. For those based in China, if PayPal is not available, payments and refunds can be made through WeChat. I will ship the doll after I have received full payment of the stated price of the doll. There are no exceptions to this.

(9) Layaways

Generally I prefer to be paid in full right away, but I am open to consider layaways. I require a non-refundable deposit of USD450, and full payment of the remaining amount is to be completed within 4 months. The instalments can be paid weekly, biweekly or monthly. Please provide me with your proposed instalment payment schedule. We can work something out.

If you have not made payment in full, I will not ship the doll to you. If you cannot complete full payment, I will refund to you the payments you have already made, minus the USD300 non-refundable deposit stated above.

I am very honoured that you wish to adopt a custom doll by me. But I hope it’s not at the expense of other more important or necessary things in your life, and that you will carefully consider your priorities before you commit to this purchase.

(10) Cancellations, Returns & Exchanges

I do not accept returns or exchanges. I do not accept cancellations once the doll has been posted. If the doll has not been posted, I may accept cancellations. Upon accepting your cancellation, I will refund payments that have been made towards the doll, minus any non-refundable component. Where payment of a non-refundable deposit is required, that deposit will not be refunded.

(11) Shipping

As mentioned, I will ship the doll after I have received full payment of the stated price of the doll. I will ship the doll to the address provided to me. Please make sure that you have given me the correct address. I am not responsible if the doll is shipped to the wrong address.

Shipping Fee

Price of shipping is already included in the doll price.

Shipping Method & Tracking

I ship worldwide using DHL. You can track the package on their respective websites.

Declaration of Full Value

I will declare the full value on the package. This is for insurance purposes, and is aimed at protecting you if the doll is lost during transit. [But if you are willing to bear the risk of loss, I may be willing to declare a lower value on the package. In this case, I will only be able to claim for the amount declared and will not be able to give you a full refund if the doll is lost during transit.] I am not responsible when the package gets lost in transit because it does happen from time to time. That being said, it is also out of my control when something like this happens. Using DHL Services and EMS does not mean I own them or the company. There is little I can do when a parcel gets lost. Declaration of full value is to protect us.

Delivery Time

Please note that delivery times vary from country to country, and may be subject to factors that are not in my control.


I am not responsible for delays that are outside my control. If the package has not left Singapore, I can help you check on the status of the package. But I am not responsible once the package leaves Singapore. It is your responsibility to contact the relevant agencies or offices in your country. I can assist you by checking with the delivery service with regards to the status or location of the package, but I cannot help you to contact the relevant agencies or offices of your country. Please understand that this is your responsibility and is something you are better placed to do. I am not responsible for any delays due to customs in your country. Please understand that this is beyond my control. If there are any delays due to customs in your country, please contact the relevant customs offices directly.

(12) Duties & Taxes

You are responsible for any duties, taxes or such charges that may apply in your country. Please check for any such charges or taxes that are applicable to you. It is not my responsibility to bear these duties, taxes or such charges, or to provide you with information on the same.

(13) Contact Information

The best way to contact me is through my Facebook fanpage. You can also contact me via my Instagram profile or at iamcaramelaw@gmail.com. To those based in China, if you are unable to contact me through Facebook or Instagram, you can contact me on my Weibo. I will reply as promptly as I am able to do so. Please understand that I may not be able to respond immediately as I hold a full-time day job and work overtime from time to time.