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Illustration┃Character design┃Weird & Wonderful

Sheena Aw, professionally known as Caramelaw, is an accomplished illustrator and toy artist based in Singapore. Renowned for her distinctive artistic style, she seamlessly blends extreme cuteness with a touch of morbidity in her illustrations. She employs a unique color palette that captivates viewers, evoking a profound sense of wonderment and a fantastical, kawaii aesthetic.

While illustration constitutes a significant aspect of her creative pursuits, Caramelaw also dedicates her leisure time to the customization of designer toys and Blythe dolls. This multifaceted approach showcases her versatility and commitment to artistic expression across various mediums.

Clients includes :
DC Comics, Hasbro, Superplastic, RiotGames, Atomic Snowboard and many others. 

For job enquiries, email me at

FInd me here too :

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