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The term "Kimo-kawaii," a colloquial expression that amalgamates "kimoi" (conveying a sense of unpleasantness or grossness, derived from the slang "kimochiwarui") and "kawaii" (denoting cuteness or sweetness), has evolved into an increasingly fitting descriptor for various phenomena over the years.

Caramelaw's artistic style seamlessly merges the realms of cute and morbid, aligning it precisely with the essence of Kimo-kawaii. Infused with a subtle influence of Harajuku's decora style, her creations constitute a delightful and peculiar fusion of all things adorable. Caramelaw's artistic endeavors primarily revolve around the intricate interplay of colors, confectionery, and the crafting of whimsically peculiar creatures.


Welcome to her world.

Please contact me at for any inquires. 

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